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PRODUCTS & SERVICES - Technical Services & Trainings

Esnaad Technical Services has build up a solid reputation in the provision of maintenance, technical services, overhauls and repairs as well as allround maintenance solutions for the power generation, oil & gas, water & wastewater industries.

Esnaad offers in-house maintenance through a Joint Venture with a well equipped professional workshop with modern equipments. Services include General mechanical maintenance, machining works, lathing, drilling, milling, shotblasting, valve repair and small steel construction works.

Esnaad also assists clients with the provision of mechanical and technical trainings courses to the power generation industry. The trainings are delivered by engineers with extensive experience to enhance the technical skills of our clients’ plant operators. Training range from high level courses such as project management, maintenance planning and scheduling to specialised courses such as equipment troubleshooting, inspection techniques, etc.

Our Services include:

  • Focus on pumps, gas & steam turbines, valves, boilers, generators, etc.
  • Installations and commissioning of pumps, turbines, valves
  • On-site service, maintenance and repair
  • Inspection management, inspection service
  • Total pump management
  • Pipeline servicing
  • Training for Boiler & Steam generation systems;
  • Training for Machine failure analysis

Key Projects:

  • Overhauling of gas turbines in Wadi Jizz
  • Technical advisory work for major overhaul for Ghurah Power Company
  • Inspection and life assessment of boilers for reputable power plant
  • Refurbishment of white metal bearings for a Suez Group company
  • Longterm supply of spare parts and maintenance of KSB water pumps for Public Authority of electricity and water


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